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$FLA Hat

$FLA Hat

Limit 3000 Florida Points per Account 

$75 Revenue Share with CFO Campaign Affiliate Link Partner 

  • Fully Transparent

    Word of Mouth Marketing and Collective Revenue Sharing is the best strategy for effective Grassroots Campaigns.

    The current limit for CFO candidates is 15% of the total campaign budget. This limit includes all fundraising expenses, including commissions for consultants, direct mail, telemarketing, and events.

    I offer 15% Revenue Share to be paid monthly once the contributions have been recorded with the Florida Department of State.

    • Claim your affiliate link to this page
    • Earn 15% Revenue Share
    • Plus Royalties once we receive state matching funds. 
    • This is completely legal and ethical
      • Welcome to the Game of Real Work Change
      • Goal: 10X Florida's GDP by 2030
      • Achieve 5,000 Max Contributions 
      • Receive $15,000,000 Public Matching Funds
        • OBJECTIVE: Aquire Superfood Producing Land and Revenue Generating Vehicles  
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